Tolled express lanes to open on each side of 91 Fwy in Corona next week

CORONA, Calif. (KABC) -- Express toll lanes on the 91 Freeway in Corona are expected to open next Monday, hopefully giving drivers a less congested commute.

Some people are skeptical, but there will be more lanes available to drivers than before the widening project started.

"Once this project opens next Monday, we're going to have tolled express lanes in each direction, plus five general purpose lanes in each direction. Essentially, we're adding a total of two lanes in each direction of the 91," said Anne Mayer with the Riverside County Transportation Commission.

Currently, the 91 Freeway express lanes start at the 55 Freeway and extend all the way to the county line. On a Monday around 5 p.m., the lanes will cost drivers about $5 to make the trip.

But next week, drivers will be able to make it all the way to McKinley Street in Corona for an additional $2.10. The rate is introductory, so drivers should expect the price to rise as the toll lanes catch on.

Mayer said the commission will be monitoring traffic on a regular basis so if lanes have too many cars on them, prices will go up.

Before opening the lanes, there will be a full freeway closure at night later this week. The final restriping of the freeway's eastbound lanes will happen on Sunday. Commuters should expect a lot of traffic that day in that direction.

"It won't be completely closed, but it will be necked down to only a couple of lanes early in the day. So we're really encouraging people to stay away," Mayer said.

All that is needed to use the toll lanes is a transponder. For more information you can visit:
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