Trailmothers come together to clean up trash in popular hiking spots

LOS ANGELES -- Trailmothers is a nonprofit group banding together to help clean up and beautify local hiking trails.

It all started when Northridge, CA mom, Kristen Hernandez, made an Instagram account.

"I started my hobby trail mother. It was just an account of me and my son, Liam, having adventures around the Valley. And I turned it into Trailmothers because people were asking me if I was a group," Hernandez said.

"It started to grow in the middle of 2017 when we had our first event. [In] 2020, we became an official 501c3 nonprofit."

Hernandez said Stony Point Park in Chatsworth has the most trash and graffiti out of most of the trails that she has cleaned up across Los Angeles and the coronavirus pandemic hasn't made it any better.

"There's masks clinging to trees on rocks, they're throwing it in the bushes thinking that I or anyone else can't see it. There's more trash hidden in the bushes than there is out on the trail right now," said Hernandez.

If you would like to get involved, you can reach out via email at