California gas prices to go up 12 cents a gallon starting Wednesday

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CA gas prices will hike up 12 cents a gallon starting Wednesday to fund transportation projects with an accumulation of 52 billion in taxes over the next decade. (KABC)

Nancy Alvarez , a mother of three, said her car is her second home. She is worried about how the price of gasoline going up 12 cents a gallon will impact her family financially.

"It's expensive, but I can afford it at the moment," Alvarez said. "I'm able to survive. Anything more than that, you're pushing the limit."

The money from the increase will add up to $52 billion over the next decade to fund transportation projects.

Driver Ruben Granados said roadways need improvements since California has "terrible roads" covered with potholes and other damages, but Granados doesn't understand why improving the roads has to mean higher fees at the pump.

"Taxes in place now should be paying for the potholes and everything else going on," Granados said. "So, why are they raising it up to get even more? It should already be taken care of."

The American Automobile Association of Southern California, which opposed the increase, said the increases will not happen overnight.

"We don't think it will be a full 12-cent-a-gallon increase on Nov. 1, but we will see prices stop going down at the very least for the fall and we may see a small increase," said Jeff Spring, a spokesperson for AAA of Southern California.

On the same day the gas tax increase will take effect, gas stations will switch from the summer gas blend to a cheaper winter blend which AAA said should minimize the impact of the tax hike.

Since the increase was opposed by the California Republican Party, some residents like Alvarez might change the way they vote.

"I do care about the roads, but I also have to care about regular people like myself, how it affects our bank account." Alvarez said.

Along with the 12-cent increase for regular and premium gas, diesel consumers can expect a 16-cent increase on a gallon of gasoline.
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