IKEA will pay you money, free meatballs to find secret to happiness

COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- Have you ever wondered about the true secret behind happiness? If you said yes, then IKEA has the right job for you.

The home good mogul is searching for a "happiness hunter" to help determine what truly makes a home happy.

The job entails a two-week stay in Copenhagen. The winner will receive a temporary home to "fill with happiness" by taking guided tours, speaking with locals, dining out and more.

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The company will take whatever key traits that person finds and "share them with the world."

Candidates must be at least 18, love to travel, be curious, live on Earth (or an international space station), love being in front of the camera and have always wanted to find the secret to happiness.

The job will take place in September and IKEA will pay for travel.

The company said it will also pay a salary that corresponds to the average Danish living standards, minus average taxes. Free kottbullar meatballs at IKEA restaurants are also available.

Applicants must submit an application online.

The winner will be announced mid-July.
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