Norwegian Air Shuttle passengers stranded at LAX for 2 days

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- More than 200 Norwegian Air Shuttle passengers were stranded at Los Angeles International Airport for two days after their flight to London was delayed twice.

According to Norwegian Air spokesperson Charlotte Holberg-Jacobson, Flight 7096 was scheduled to leave Wednesday but had to be delayed due to technical issues, forcing 238 passengers to wait it out for the night.

When the airline tried to depart again Thursday evening, more technical problems were discovered. The flight was then rescheduled to depart at 12:30 p.m. Friday. It departed at 12:40 p.m., ten minutes later.

An angry passenger told Eyewitness News that all the local hotels were full and families were camped out in the baggage claim area.

"It's the third day, our third attempt to get on this plane. It's been a nightmare," stranded traveler Voytek Gorai said. "People are stuck here in the airport terminal; it was too late to make any hotel reservations."

Holberg-Jacobson said that Norwegian Air tried to find hotels for the stranded passengers, but they weren't able to find one for all of them. She said passengers were also offered a full refund or rebooking with another airline.

The only mention made on the airline's website regarding the delays read in part: "Norwegian regret to inform that DY7096 is delayed due to technical reasons and crew rest. We apologize the heavy delay."

Off camera, an agent said the shortage of hotel rooms was due to President Barack Obama's visit coupled with Wednesday's soccer match between Manchester United and the Los Angeles Galaxy. The airline gave passengers $50 vouchers for food and drink, but for many that wasn't enough.

Passengers, frustrated with having to spend two nights in a row at the airport, took to social media to vent. A "Norwegian Air Dy7096" Facebook page was set up by someone as a discussion forum for passengers affected by the delays.

"Very disappointed with this airline. My brother was supposed to make it for my uni graduation. How are going to make up for the lost memories?" one person wrote on the page.

Others expressed their disappointment with the airline on Twitter using #NeverFlyNorwegian.

"if you want a flight that never leaves, and staff with no help or information, fly with @Fly_Norwegian #neverflynorwegian," Rachel Mallett tweeted.

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