SoCal travelers cautious after terror attacks but 'won't live in fear'

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Some travelers at Los Angeles International Airport have become apprehensive with the string of terrorist attacks in Europe over the past couple of years, and the latest attack in London is adding to the fears.

Travelers like Olivia Wheatfall say Saturday's deadly terror attack in the heart of London could change how - and where - she goes in the future.

"It would make me hesitant to go abroad, for sure, but it can happen here, too, and it has happened here," she said. "So it's kind of like, 'How do you know where it's safe to go?' It seems like people are getting more creative and that's a little scary."

The attack at London Bridge is the third in the U.K. in just the last three months. That frequency is making some hesitant about going to crowded places.

"It makes me really sad and very unsafe-feeling, especially because we think about safety in numbers, but that seems to be the worst place to be nowadays," said traveler Kendalyn Nonmacher.

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Some people say allowing fear to seep into everyone's everyday lives is the wrong approach.

"I think that's when you give in to the bad guys," said Pomona resident Marcelle Penn Mathis. "You still move on with your life. You've got to live your life, you can't live in fear."

Mathis said the news is heartbreaking. As an Army veteran, she says there are things she does to stay safe without sacrificing her freedoms.

"I would say situational awareness. When you walk into a big event and look around, I'm looking at people, looking at what's on the ground, listening. But other than that, I'm not going to stop living my life," she added.

Frequent flier Susan Hayes agrees. She has a trip to Europe planned in October and while the recent attacks will be on her mind, she says she won't let terror win.
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