Massive tree comes crashing down on Santa Ana neighborhood - VIDEO

SANTA ANA (KABC) -- Buffeted by powerful winds, a massive tree came crashing down in a Santa Ana neighborhood Sunday morning, sending residents scrambling for cover.

The falling tree did not cause any serious injuries or damage to houses, but video shows debris go flying as residents ducked and jumped out of the way.

High wind warnings were issued throughout the region on Sunday, as gusts reached 40-60 mph in some parts of Southern California.

Trees were knocked down around the region, but perhaps none so dramatically as the one in Santa Ana.

The tree came crashing down just feet from Robin Saucedo's home.

"I heard the noise and ran in because I was like, is this thing gonna fall on my house? Thank God it didn't," Saucedo said.

Neighbors say they felt a jolt when the tree came crashing down around 8 a.m.

"My wife and I both felt the rumble in the floor," said Roger Cano. "It almost felt like the house jumped up and down about five feet."

City workers spent hours cutting up the trunk and branches and removing debris.

Longtime residents say they weren't surprised by what happened. The tree was old and had been leaning for years.

"Been here 27 years and we've been waiting all that time for this tree to fall," said neighbor Rikki Cox.
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