Trump officials visit LA for firsthand look at city's homeless crisis

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019
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Trump administration officials toured Los Angeles homeless encampments and examined ways the city is trying to control the growing homeless population.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Trump administration officials visited Los Angeles Tuesday to meet with Mayor Eric Garcetti's staff for a tour of some of the area's homeless encampments and examine ways the city is trying to control the growing homeless population.

Trump administration officials toured the Unified Homelessness Response Center, the redevelopment of Jordan Downs public housing complex and the Bridge Home shelter.

Planning is reportedly underway by the Trump administration to get homeless people off the streets and into new government-backed facilities.

Garcetti said he welcomes the help, but wants the president to know that the crisis predates both of their administrations.

Garcetti said in a statement:

"We must put politics aside when it comes to responding to this heartbreaking humanitarian crisis. I hope you will provide the federal assistance that is needed to help cities stop homelessness in America and help our veterans and most vulnerable of citizens."

Not all L.A. political leaders are welcoming Trump's help. Some believe he has other motives, which center on highlighting a problem in California in an effort to get back at the state that has stood in the way of many of his administration's proposals.

"The best help that we could get from the federal government is stop immediately the policies that are making people homeless, that are keeping people in poverty," said Councilman Mike Bonin.

Although Garcetti welcomes the help, the mayor agrees with Bonin that the federal government has done more to increase homelessness than decrease it.