President Trump tests negative for COVID 'on consecutive days,' physician says

WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's physician says the president tested negative for COVID-19 "on consecutive days."

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany released a statement Monday on the president's health via Twitter.

"In response to your inquiry regarding the President's most recent COVID-19 tests, I can share with you that he has tested negative, on consecutive days, using the Abbot BinaxNOW antigen card," the release read.

The president's physician Dr. Sean Conley said "it is important to note that this test was not used in isolation for the determination of the President's current negative status."

"Repeatedly negative antigen tests, taken in context with additional clinical and laboratory data, including viral load, subgenomic RNA, and PCR cycle threshold measurements, as well as ongoing assessment of viral culture data, all indicate a lack of detectable viral replication," Conley said in the statement. "This comprehensive data, in concert with the CDC's guidelines for removal of transmission-based precuations, have informed our medical team's assessment that the President is not infectious to others."

However, it is unclear on exactly which "consecutive days" Trump tested negative.
On Sunday, Trump declared he was healthy enough to return to the campaign trail, a day after the White House doctor said he was no longer at risk of transmitting the coronavirus but did not say explicitly whether Trump had tested negative for it.

Trump, who was poised Monday to host his first rally after his COVID-19 diagnosis, declared he was now "immune" from the virus, a claim that was impossible to prove and comes amid a series of outstanding questions about the president's health.

"I'm immune," Trump said in an interview on Fox News. "The president is in very good shape to fight the battles."
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