Cal Fire responds to President Trump's tweet about state wildfires

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) -- Cal Fire and a researcher from UC Riverside responded to Donald Trump's tweet related to the state's wildfires on Monday.

The president tweeted that recent blazes such as the Carr Fire and Holy Fire were "made so much worse" by "bad environmental laws."

Trump also mentioned how California should "tree clear to stop fire from spreading."

"Thinning would be a good idea, but the question is how you thin properly," UC Riverside's Dr. Richard Minnich said.

"There are too many trees in the ground sucking the ground dry. That's one of the reasons you had so many trees die in the Sierras."

But Minnich says that there is plenty of water in California. Shasta is the biggest reservoir in the state and it's currently more than two-thirds full.

"It takes a couple of megalopolises in California to drain one of those over many years, not just a single fire over a week," Minnich said.

Cal Fire issues a response of their own following the president's tweet.

"There is nothing to release," the statement read. "There are no specifics to the tweet. We have plenty of water to fight these fires. The Carr fire has Whiskeytown Lake, Shasta Lake and Trinity Lake just to name a few water sources. The Mendocino Complex is next to Clearlake Lake. The current weather is causing more severe and destructive fires."
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