UCLA parties prompt LAPD response in riot gear

WESTWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- LAPD officers responded to Westwood early Friday morning as people attending several large parties near the UCLA campus poured in the streets.

It happened on Roebling Avenue near Levering.

"It got a little hectic, a little crazy," said UCLA graduate Sebastian Vargas who attended the party.

Smashed pumpkins, burned Christmas trees and broken bottles are littered along Roebling Avenue.

"It's where we live so we don't like trashing our own home. We're definitely going to clean it up later," said Vargas.

It took LAPD officers approximately 45 minutes to clear out the crowd.

Student Anna Morris was surveying the trash left behind. She said the LAPD response was no surprise.

"You couldn't even drive through here. I think everyone knew that's how it was going to end," said Morris.

Friday ends the first week of the quarter for UCLA students. Students told ABC7 the parties were not linked to any specific fraternity or sorority.

LAPD confirms no citations were handed out, and no arrests were made.
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