Teen wears suit to niece's birth because 'first impressions matter'

One uncle-to-be dressed to impress when he met his newborn niece, complete with suit, tie and tie clip.

Grant Kessler wore a suit to the hospital when his baby niece was born.

Iris Kessler/Twitter

When his sister went into labor, 18-year-old Grant Kessler of Ohio put on the elegant attire and headed to the hospital. He said he did it because "first impressions matter," another sister, Iris, wrote on Twitter.

Grant's not the only one who was excited for the new addition to the family. After the baby was born, Iris wrote "MEET MY NEW BEST FRIEND HER NAME IS CARTER!"

The family shared the photos with the Love What Matter Facebook page, where the story's been liked more than 200,000 times. Uncle Grant may have won over the internet, but judging by a photo of him with Carter, it looks like Grant himself has been won over, too.

Grant Kessler meets his baby niece.

Iris Kessler/Twitter

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