Coronavirus: Wholesale food distributor now selling door-to-door from Bakersfield to San Diego

As the world adjusts to life with COVID-19, once easy tasks like going to grocery store are no longer simple.

This is especially true for the Harer family of Santa Clarita.

"Our son, he was born with underdeveloped lungs. So our biggest priority is keeping him safe and her safe," said Amanda Harer, referring to her children.

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U.S. Foods trucks have been dropping truckloads of food at The Dylan in Brea all for people in the community who responded to the restaurant's offer to order basic food products for pick up.

As customers adjust, companies like University Foods are also changing their business model.

"(We have) approximately about $3 million in inventory in this building. We just need to get it to the public. That's our goal," said Dean Schauer, the company's founder and president.

For the last 35 years, the company has sold wholesale food items to roughly 500 restaurants, schools, prisons and hotels. The problem is now, they have 110 truckloads worth of product in the building that no one is buying.

"I have to help get this product out to the public. There's no reason it's sitting here," said Schauer.

Now, the company is delivering food right to your front door. You don't have to buy wholesale and you can choose from hundreds of items on their inventory list.

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Amid the coronavirus emergency, people are being urged to limit the time they spend in public. But there are essential items that consumers may have to leave their house for.

"We'll leave it on the doorstep. They don't have to talk to my driver, they don't even have to see them. Just make sure they're home," said Schauer.

The Harers say the service is a life saver for them - quite literally.

"It was much better to be able to order from home and not wait in line, not sure what you're going to get at the grocery store," said Andrew Harer.

Depending on where you live, the shipment could take 24 - 48 hours. The company is delivering anywhere from Bakersfield to San Diego.

"I just want to get the word out that we can help everyone stay home. The more we all stay home, the less likely all of us will get the virus," said Schauer.

To inquire about ordering, email

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Patients with COVID-19 experience mild to severe respiratory illnesses.

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