Valentine's Day movies to suit your every mood

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019
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"When Harry Met Sally" and "Silver Linings Playbook" could be great films to watch on Valentine's Day, depending on your mood,
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Some people celebrate Valentine's Day by gazing into the eyes of their romantic partner over candlelit dinners. Others are irked by any mention of the"made-up" holiday.

Whether you're a champion for the loving holiday or anxiously counting until February 15 arrives, one of these movies will suit your mood this Valentine's Day.

If you're feeling joyful/excited/happy, watch Dirty Dancing

If you're in an upbeat mood on Valentine's Day, there's a good chance you're sharing it with someone you love. Dirty Dancing has several of the tropes you commonly associate with romantic films (two lovers from different backgrounds, a stern parent who disagrees with his daughter's wishes). But what sets Dirty Dancing apart from the romance movie pack its breathtaking closing number between Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. This movie won't put your Valentine's Day joy in the corner.

If you're feeling gloomy/frustrated/disappointed, watch When Harry Met Sally

"Another year alone," you think to yourself as you walk the streets littered with happy couples on Valentine's Day. Maybe your relationship just ended with someone you really cared for, or maybe you're still wondering when that special someone is going to come around. If you're down in the dumps, watch When Harry Met Sally, a tale of two New Yorkers who started off as friends, and after years of failed romances, finally get together and live happily ever after. When Harry Met Sally proves that with love, you just have to wait.

If you're feeling aggravated/cranky/grumpy, watch The Princess Bride

"I mean, Valentine's Day is just a made-up holiday to sell greeting cards, why should I be more romantic or more loving this day of the year than any other day?" you say to friends who are scrounging to buy chocolate and make dinner reservations days before February 14. Perhaps you already have someone in your life but just get irked by the notion of Valentine's Day. Or maybe you become grumpy when you see other happy couples enjoying the holiday. Either way, watch The Princess Bride. It's a hilarious movie far enough off from reality that you'll immediately forget about all of this Valentine's Day nonsense.

If you're feeling afraid/anxious/overwhelmed/traumatized, watch Silver Linings Playbook

Valentine's Day can be expensive a hassle to plan for, and can leave you feeling anxious about whether your romantic plans will go off a hitch. Or perhaps you're someone who works at a high-end restaurant and aren't looking forward to the swarm of customers who will be packing your tables that evening. Valentine's Day anxiety can be quelled by watching Silver Linings Playbook, a story about flawed characters and sports fans who conquer their internal fears and find unexpected love.

If you're feeling content/peaceful/relaxed, watch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

You aren't particularly excited for Valentine's Day, but you aren't really against it either. The sight of other couples celebrating the holiday doesn't necessarily peeve you in any way or make you feel sad about your single life, you're just happy they can enjoy the holiday even if it isn't for you. If Valentine's Day doesn't generate for you any sort of significant emotional reaction, consider watching Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Romantic subplots aren't a crucial component of the film, and it contains no references to Valentine's Day whatsoever, just a fun, entertaining story from a galaxy far away.


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