Children learn importance of inclusion in music-filled movie 'My Little Pony: The Next Generation'

HOLLYWOOD -- My Little Pony" has been around for more than 40 years in various incarnations: TV shows, videos, and lots and lots of toys. Fans get an updated glimpse into the land of "Equestria" with a new story that celebrates friendship, inclusion, and acceptance.

"My Little Pony: A New Generation" is an animated adventure that finds the land of 'Equestria' in big trouble. The three species that live there... ponies, Pegasi and unicorns - have been torn apart and prejudice, bigotry and fear mongering prevail.

A group of young ponies meet, become friends, and set out to peacefully bring their worlds back together... with messages of love and acceptance of those who are different.

Lending their voices to the film: Vanessa Hudgens, Sofia Carson and James Marsden.

"I think we live in a world now where we're so divided in different ways, and it's a nice, easy, joyful reminder that we're better, we're happier if we don't try to make everybody like ourselves," said Marsden.

'The message is so clear, three worlds divided, which is similar to the world that we live in, divided by fear and hatred," said Carson. "And the only solution, what brought the magic back, was love and friendship and that's such a powerful message and very much what the world needs to do and hear right now," said Carson.

"I think it really will start turning the wheels of children and being like I don't need to not be friends with this person because they may seem different," said Hudgens. "Like, I can celebrate my differences and we can be friends and that's just beautiful."

You'll also hear the voices of Ken Jeong, Jane Krakowski, Elizabeth Perkins, and Michael McKean. The film is streaming now.
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