Veteran with one arm performs inspirational rope climb at spartan event

Jonathan Lopez was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 2001 following the amputation of his left arm. But having one arm hasn't stopped Lopez from competing in Spartan races and even climbing a 30-foot rope.

With the help of Operation Enduring Warrior, a veterans charity that helps "facilitate the physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation of our nation's wounded service," Lopez has been able to participate in Spartan races, even in spite of his disability.

"My first race with Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW) was in April 2016. Since that time, I have completed four obstacle course races in multiple states with the team," Lopez told ABC via email. "I believe I exemplify their mission by sharing my story of adversity and how I triumphed over my difficulties."

One of Lopez's recent performances at a spartan race in Asheville, N.C. went viral. The veteran can be seen climbing a 30-foot rope as cheers can be heard from the background.

"The Asheville Spartan Super was the hardest race to date, the course was almost 12 miles in rigorous terrain," Lopez said. "After being totally exhausted I was able to climb the 30 ft rope with the support of my OEW teammates."

Lopez is honored by the attention the video has been getting online.

"I have received numerous messages from people who were inspired by the rope climb. One person in particular is a woman who expressed her wish for me to meet her young son, Ryder," Lopez said. "His arm was paralyzed at an early age. Since she lives in California one of the members from OEW, Norbie Lara, who is also an arm amputee reached out and visited Ryder last week. This is the type of commitment and selflessness that makes up the OEW team."
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