Veterans honored at Field of Valor in Covina

COVINA, Calif. (KABC) -- A special Veterans Day ceremony is taking place Tuesday at a Covina middle school, where a field covered in American Flags honors those who fought for our country.

The Field of Valor at Sierra Vista Middle School holds 2001 American flags - each one represents a veteran who served in our armed forces.

One of those veterans is Cpl. Wally Mitchell.

"I'm always proud just to be an American and especially to be an American Marine," he said.

The Korean War veteran made sure to snap a picture next to his flag. His family proudly stood by his side.

"That's incredible. He's a super proud serviceman and loves the Marine Corps - it's super important to him," said his son, Doug Mitchell.

Another veteran honored at the Field of Valor is Donald Ward Evans Jr. Evans grew up in Covina and attended Covina High School, where he was a track star. He enlisted in the Army, served as a medic and saved several soldiers from the battle fields. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

The Covina Rotary Club started the Field of Valor in 2012. Now, it's a community event honoring our veterans.

"As I walk amongst those flags, it is very, very special and very uplifting, and it's an honor to be amongst the veterans who are here today," said Walter Partee, an event organizer.

Organizers say it takes countless man hours, community support and dedication to pull it all together - they're calling it an act of love for all veterans past and present.

Each flag is sponsored. The money raised benefits veterans around Southern California. More than $35,000 has been raised this year.

There are enough flags on the field to cover a football field. Still, organizers consider this a small token of appreciation to those who sacrificed so much.

The event lasts through Saturday. Entrance is free, donations are accepted.

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