VIDEO: Dennis Rodman caught with group accused of theft in Newport Beach

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- NBA Hall-of-Famer Dennis Rodman was caught on camera with a group accused of theft at Vibes Hot Yoga in Newport Beach.

Studio staff said Rodman was there twice in the same week with a crew. One woman, seen in a gray top, was a former Vibes employee. Some in the group were accused of damaging store property and stealing, while Rodman was in the back with employees.

This business was not the only place upset at the group's behavior. Rodman and others were back the next day. The co-owner of the Newport Beach Med Spa next door, Eva Verdult, said when the group saw Vibes was closed, they made their way to her spa.

"Looking for a piece of paper and a pen and some tape. I think they wanted to write a note and leave it on the door for them," she said.

That note read, "We stopped by at 4:26. Thank you for letting us be ourselves! Looking forward to seeing you soon!"

Employees at the spa told Eyewitness News that Rodman and his friends hung out for a half hour, acting bizarre. Rodman smelled of cigars and alcohol, was mumbling, asking for free Botox, offering to give them one of the six cellphones on him and sporadically broke into dance.

"They were loud and kind of agitated and just seeming a little bit off," Verdult said, adding, "I think the girls were uncomfortable to ask them to leave."

The owners of Vibes Hot Yoga filed theft reports with police.

A recording from the studio showed one woman with Rodman Tuesday putting merchandise in her purse. Then there was a man dropping and breaking a crystal on display, only to load up what was left of it to take. Vibes staff said Rodman was upset about the broken art piece, but said they all left without paying for anything.

The Newport Beach Police Department told Eyewitness News in an email, "This is an open and active investigation."

Rodman's attorney said in an email, "Comment is premature at this time."

The co-owner of the spa next door said her experience with the group was nothing more than a scene.

"Being a celebrity doesn't mean they can come in and be that boisterous and agitated and disturb basically other customers, patients that we have in our waiting room or in our office," Verdult said.

Vibes staff said Thursday that there was damage left on the floor where the crystal fell. They said the total value of the items taken was about $4,000.
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