VIDEO: Runaway garbage truck plows through cars

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015
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In the video, you see the men chasing after the truck a few seconds after it rammed the two parked cars.

NEW BRIGHTON, Pa. -- Lisa Ferguson put cameras on her house to catch vandals. Instead, she got a crystal clear look at the runaway garbage truck smashing into her family's cars, WTAE-TV reports.

The crash happened Friday, on 10th Street in New Brighton, Pennsylvania.

The garbage truck had one car already jammed under it when it took out a second car, pushing it down the hill, running up on the sidewalk, and then wiping out some garbage cans. It stops, out of view, after smashing into at least five cars - two of them belong to Ferguson's mother and son.

The footage then shows a waste management worker running after the truck. A few seconds later, a second is seen following behind trying to catch up.

"I was shocked. There was nobody watching the truck," Josh Ridenour said.

A Waste Management spokeswoman said the crash is under investigation.

"We have not even heard from them, not at all," Ferguson said.

According to a report from New Brighton police, the garbage truck driver got out and walked 10 feet away to talk to a supervisor, then somehow the brakes "disengaged."

Ferguson said because Waste Management isn't talking, both her son and her mother, are having to use their own insurance and cash to cover the damage.

"Be more responsible. There could have been lives lost," Ferguson said.

A spokeswoman for Waste Management wouldn't say if the driver has been suspended or disciplined at all for this crash but did say the trucks have cameras in the cab and they'll be looking at that video.