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Sunday, July 19, 2015
Vista L.A.'s Patricia Lopez talks to Eva Longoria.
Vista L.A.'s Patricia Lopez talks to Eva Longoria.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Exploring L.A. through a Latino lens. Vista L.A.'s Patricia Lopez joins Eva Longoria, Lalo Alcaraz and some up and coming talent at the biggest gathering of Latino producers in the country here in L.A. Then, she meets John Quinones and learns all about his incredible past before he joined ABC News. The Dodgers' Adrian Gonzalez is quite the guy. Our Alysha Del Valle met up with him at Dodger Stadium to hear about how he's making big things happen for a local high school baseball team. Man joins us as they break another record in L.A. And our Jovana Lara takes us to a local spot for one of her favorite comfort foods!

NALIP Media Summit

It's the largest gathering of Latino TV and Film producers in the country. Vista L.A.'s Patricia Lopez stopped by the 2015 NALIP Media Summit to speak with media makers and celebrities, including Eva Longoria, Raquel Welch and Eugenio Derbez, about the strides Latinos are making in Hollywood.

John Quinones

Our Patricia Lopez recently met up with ABC News Journalist and Author John Quinones during a visit to L.A. while promoting his new book, "What Would You Do?: Doing the Right Thing Even When You Think No One's Watching." He shared some insight on the book as well as some surprising childhood experiences he had as a migrant farmworker. John's new book can be purchased on Amazon:

John's new book also celebrates the ABC show's "What Would You Do?" tenth anniversary! Famous for its set-up hidden camera scenarios where everyday people are put in positions where they must choose between acting in defense of others or minding their own business. John Quinones reports on their split-second, often surprising and shocking, decisions!

Viva Los Dodgers

"Viva Los Dodgers" is a family-friendly pregame celebration held in Lot 6 at the landmark 76 gas station before every Sunday home game. There's live music, food, activities and Dodger player appearances. Vista's Alysha Del Valle got a one-on-one with All-Star First Baseman Adrian Gonzalez (who's on a homerun hitting streak this season!) to chat with him about his involvement with Viva Los Dodgers. Adrian and his wife Betsy are doing lots of good in the L.A. community! As an integral part of the festivities, they invite and honor deserving groups and organizations to every Sunday home game for Viva Los Dodgers, which includes food and game tickets.

Nonna's Empanadas

Vista's Jovana Lara discovered a unique place specializing in empanadas from almost every country in the world! "Nonna's Empanadas" is a family-run business that makes about 40 different kinds of the pocket-sized comfort food. They've got everything from savory and sweet to spicy empanadas. Yum!

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