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Sunday, June 26, 2016
Patricia Lopez poses in front of a Pauly's Project mural in a photo for Vista L.A.
Patricia Lopez poses in front of a Pauly's Project mural in a photo for Vista L.A.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Music is a huge part of life to so many, so we wanted to introduce you to Latin alternative's De'Anza, as well as take you to the grassroots Noches de Trova, and introduce you to salsa for a new generation at the legendary Fania Records. Then, we're hitting the streets to see how music can literally change people with Pauly's Project. In addition, we're exploring the cultural and historical wonders from Rome at Vatican Splendors.


De'Anza has been called Latin alternative's new leading lady. Vista LA's Patricia Lopez met up with the artist at the famous Amoeba Records in Hollywood for an intimate performance of songs from her debut album "Despertar," or Awakening.


Inspired by folk and protest music of the '60s, Trova music is not a well-known genre of music. Yet, Trova has a global presence and a rich history. Vista LA discovered a unique series of concerts where this music is celebrated as part of a cultural event called "Noches de Trova" at the historic Center for the Arts Eagle Rock.

"Quien Parara Esta Locura" by Rafael Mendoza Avila was featured on Vista L.A., performed by Esteban Leon, Tomas Cadena and Jorge Negrete.


The legendary Fania Records and its Fania All-Stars introduced salsa music to the world over 50 years ago. We visited the L.A. headquarters to find out how the label is honoring its legacy and bringing new music to fans through its "Calentura" DJ crews and Fania-sponsored parties.


With small radios outfitted with headphones and batteries, Pauly's Project helps the L.A. homeless community connect to the latest news, information-- and music!

Started by Paul Avila in 2013, the inspiration behind Pauly's Project is his 19-year-old son Pauly, who is blind and autistic. When Pauly was a baby, the only thing that would soothe him and bring him joy was music, and it became a healing agent for him and his family. Now together, they take to the streets to bless the homeless with the gift of music.


Vatican Splendors: A Journey Through Faith and Art is a special exhibit with only one stop on the West Coast at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. The 10,000 square foot exhibition, one of the largest Vatican collections to ever tour the United States, includes extraordinary pieces of art by Michelangelo and Bernini, as well as historical and religious artifacts. Vatican Splendors is open through August 28, 2016.

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