Walking classroom get kids learning subjects while exercising simultaneously

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Fifth graders at St. Timothy School in Los Angeles are gearing up for a lecture. But the way they're learning is progressive.

"We listen to a podcast and we learn while we're walking so we can stay fit and learn at the same time," said student Jordan Allen.

"Walk, listen, learn" is the motto for the three-day-a-week, one-mile walk, where they'll listen to one of 97 topics ranging from art to taxes.

Today they are learning about Native American Indian Sequoyah, and the children love it.

"I feel like I'm having more energy during the day than I did from just sitting in the classroom," said student Nicholas Vizzi.

Scientifically he's right. Aerobic exercise burns calories, oxidizes fat and increases bone density. All of that happening while studying a subject is a lot more fun than sitting in a classroom.

"I'm already seeing kids who were maybe a little bit slower in the beginning, that they're keeping pace with the rest of the class," said teacher Katie Lyons.

She has been on a three-year waiting list to participate. The Walking Classroom curriculum costs about $100 per student, but a grant helped them to take part in this program that's gotten 'A's' from students.

"In fact the students in middle school are saying 'why didn't we get to do that in 5th grade?' said Lena Randle, principal of St. Timothy School and a big fan of the new curriculum.

Getting exercise is a plus, but these walking lessons offer another benefit too.

"I'm kind of better at listening than reading or writing," said Vizzi. And their teacher makes sure the information is really getting through.

"We put our walk kits away and then we take a test to see if we were really paying attention to the podcast," said student Sydney Braxton.

Students had lots of interest and were well familiar with this historic figure by the end of the session.

Three days a week walking three miles, comes with lots of smiles.

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