Book '10,000 Steps' offers 52 walking adventures with L.A.'s top hiding spots

PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) -- The book "10,000 Steps" offers insight into trail adventures hidden in Los Angeles as part of the effort to help keep America healthy through walking.

The Surgeon General launched "Step it up" Sept. 9, a campaign to nationally increase walking efforts to keep America healthy. So it's timely that author Paul Haddad just released his book "10,000 Steps a day in LA."

"The '10,000 Steps' really provides a construct just to go out and enjoy Los Angeles," said Haddad. "If you can lose weight or stay in shape by doing it that is just icing on the cake."

He likens L.A. to a big pinata to crack open and explore its historical bits and pieces. Beverly Hills, Baldwin Hills, Chinatown, a few notable examples to get your 10,000 in, which is approximately 5 miles.

"I used to ride my bike 100 miles a day, like every few months I would set these goals for myself, and I know that '10,000 steps' is very healthy," said Haddad. "So, I thought there's never been a book in Los Angeles that broke down all these different routes that you could do."

Beyond burning calories, each walk is a cultural wakeup call of 52 area locations.

"One walk for every week of the year," said Haddad.

"I could do it with my son and my husband and I could get them out to explore parts of L.A. that we don't know about," said Katrina Parks of Los Angeles.

Historians say it was so named, as many believed, black magic and the occult played a role here.

"Each chapter has its own theme, and for Pasadena, it goes beyond just the Rose Bowl. We're standing at Devils Gate Dam which is part of the Pasadena walk," said Haddad.

Down the road you can trek through Mausoleums where Jimmy Stewart and the Marx Brothers rest.

"There are more celebrities buried at Forest Lawn Glendale than anyplace in the world," said Haddad.

The book is a nice reference on whether the walks are dog friendly or not, paved or not, level of difficulty and parking difficulty, plus, 46 of the 52 walks are near a metro bus stop.

Along with maps and history, food also plays its part.

"The restaurants and the culinary aspect is a big part of why we love living here," said Haddad. "So every walk has great restaurants you can go to that are timeless classics."
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