LA-based businesses give back to community through apparel amid COVID19 crisis

"We Love LA" is small business showing their love for Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A group of LA-based businesses have banded together to give back to small-businesses and non-profits by printing apparel as an online fundraiser.

Spearheaded by Family Industries along with Flood Magazine, the We Love LA web store was launched with an extensive collection of limited-edition merchandise ranging from graphic tees, caps and even face masks.

"There's all these different companies and businesses that we work with and we think we can combine their power together to send everyone to one umbrella," said Max Hellmann, founder of Family Industries.

Portions of each sale go to businesses impacted by the COVID-19 disruption or a charity of choice.

"Each shirt is $25; $15 goes towards the shirt and the production of the shirt, other $10 goes towards the fund," said Alan Sartirana, founder of Flood Magazine and Anthemic Agency.

Through the fundraising project, organizers hope partners hold on to employees and keep businesses running.

"As our motto from the beginning, and you know, just really helping people that we work with in trying to go the extra step, extra mile for the local LA community," Hellmann told ABC7.

You can help support local businesses by ordering merchandise here.

If your store is interested in participating, contact Family Industries or fill out form at
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