Barrier to be set up along LA River bike path in preparation for El Nino

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built a massive 3-mile wall of sand, canvas and wire mesh along the Los Angeles River bike path in preparation for El Nino.

On Thursday morning, a gentle current flowed through the river in Griffith Park, but it was a misleading image as sudden and often dangerous torrents of runoff can rush through.

The corps received $3 million in federal emergency funding to help pay for the barriers, which were placed in spots pinpointed as potential overflow hazards.

"When there are high-storm events, there is a chance in these areas that they could break out of the channel," said Lillian Dampios with the corps of engineers.

Crews moved at a brisk pace and installed about one-fifth of a mile of the 3-mile barrier. The group hopes to have it completed before the most intense El Nino storms move in.

"We are projecting that our largest storm events will be in February or March," Dampios said.

The barriers are temporary and will be removed within two months of the last big storm.
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