California mother, 7-year-old son found dead, buried under snow

KIRKWOOD, Calif. -- A San Francisco mother and son were discovered under feet of snow near a Northern California condo complex where they were staying.

The mother and her son were calling it a day, heading back to their condo when the snow came crashing down on them.

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Olga Perkovic, 50, and 7-year-old Aaron Goodstein had finished their last run of the day at Kirkwood Mountain Resort.

Deputies say they took a different path to get to their condo, through a wooded area. But moments after reaching the Edelweiss condo complex, snow slid from the roof.

Perkovic and her son ended up buried in 3 feet of snow.

To those who knew the mother and son, the tragic accident comes as a shock. Aaron was a first grader at French American International School in San Francisco's Hayes Valley.

The school community was alerted Monday afternoon.

"We are just devastated by this loss in our community and are working together with our faculty and staff to support one another in this challenging time," said French American International School Director of Marketing and Communication Keelee Wrenn. "We have plans in place to communicate with our students tomorrow and help support them as they process this."

The massive amount of snow led to an avalanche at Squaw Valley resort. While the five people trapped in it survived, a snowboarder who was reported missing during a blizzard there was found dead.
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