Freezing bubbles make the winter cold more magical

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Frozen bubbles are a fun way to enjoy the winter cold. (AccuWeather)

Don't you wish bubbles lasted longer? If it's freezing outside, you can make frozen bubbles.

According to AccuWeather, bubbles are made up of three very thin layers. The top layer is soap, the middle is water and the last layer is soap again.

The reason why bubbles freeze in cold temperatures is because the freezing point of water is 32 degrees Fahrenheit while the freezing point of soap is between about 12 degrees Fahrenheit. When a bubble is exposed to the extremely cold temperatures, the middle layer of water freezes, creating a frozen bubble.

To create soap bubbles AccuWeather suggests mixing one-part water, to four parts dish soap with a little bit of corn syrup to increase the durability of the bubble. Use a bubble wand or straw to create the bubble.
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