Howling winds take down several large trees in Altadena

As howling winds swept across Southern California Monday, some areas of the San Gabriel Valley were hit hard, especially in Altadena where several large trees were knocked over.

Though the downed trees didn't cause any significant or lasting damage, many residents in the area were rattled by the sheer force of the wind, which even caused power outages for some.

"This has probably been the worst that it's been in the last couple of years," said Michael Boykins.

Some large plants and a portion of the backyard fence was knocked over.

"The wind was so crazy that we couldn't sleep. We kept hearing the trees knocking up against the fence... it was pretty intense," he said.

By Friday afternoon, the winds had died down slightly but were expected to kick back up in the next few days.

Those winds have been really howling through parts of the San Gabriel Valley.
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