Mudslide knocks out power, water, gas in Burbank neighborhood affected by La Tuna Fire

BURBANK, Calif. (KABC) -- Heavy rains caused a mudslide Tuesday in a Burbank neighborhood affected last year by the La Tuna Canyon Fire.

The mudslide swept away vehicles, trees and power poles, knocking out electricity to homes on Country Club Drive. The debris flow also caused a gas leak, and crews were out there trying to fix the problem.

The mudslide and debris flows were triggered by heavy and constant rains from a major storm system that swept across Southern California Monday and Tuesday.

Hillsides above the homes in the neighborhood were charred by the massive La Tuna Canyon Fire in September, leaving the area vulnerable to mudslides during the rainy season.

No injuries were reported, but residents were left without water, power and gas.

Residents were placed under mandatory evacuations around noon before the devastation happened.

City crews were also trying to remove rock and debris from the streets in order to fix power poles, but they said it would be difficult with the unpredictable conditions.
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