Winter rain restores water levels to Barbara's Lake in Laguna Beach

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Barbara's Lake in Laguna Beach, a barren lake bed just months ago, now teems with life due to winter rain.

Supervising park ranger Barbara Norton has witnessed this season's rains transform Orange County's only natural lake.

"The lake, which was virtually empty at the time, now is the highest I've seen it in probably seven years," Norton said.

According to Norton, the lack of water forced animals to stay away and often times searching for water in dangerous places such as golf courses and swimming pools.

"The birthing rates of the wildlife go down to accommodate the change in habitat," Norton explained.

The park's wildlife cameras have captured the slow return of a vibrant ecosystem with foxes, coyotes and birds all returning to the lake.

"It is an important water source for the wildlife because we know if we don't have water, we're not going to be on the planet too long," Norton said.

She hopes the rain continues especially with summer a few months away.

"I think it makes everybody sort of in a better place to know things are maybe getting back to normal," Norton said.
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