Rain triggers mud, debris flows in Silverado and Modjeska canyons

SILVERADO CANYON, ORANGE COUNTY (KABC) -- Crews cleared debris from Silverado Canyon Road Tuesday afternoon after an inch of rain caused the Earth to give way.

Heavy downpours caused three separate debris flows in the area, and one left about three feet of mud up the side of a home as residents rushed to add sandbags.

"We actually have the building department coming out to inspect the house to make sure it is inhabitable," said Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Shane Sherwood.

People also removed debris from the creek to keep it from overflowing.

The steep hillside, which was burned by a wildfire last year, is more prone to mud and debris flows, and there's one major road in and out of the canyon.

"We're pretty locked in, so we got rations, we got survival stuff, but I'm just glad these guys are out here," said Gian Nelson of Silverado Canyon.

In nearby Modjeska Canyon, workers vacuumed up muddy water that caused the temporary closure of Modjeska Canyon Road.

Crews were able to clear Silverado Canyon Road after a few hours, but many residents say they're preparing for the worst.

"This is only the beginning, this little rainstorm ain't going to be nothing," Nelson said. "We got El Nino coming. We're just kind of getting ready for it all."
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