Residents flock to Mount Baldy where snow has finally arrived

MOUNT BALDY, Calif. -- This week's rain storm brought some much-needed snow to Mount Baldy and on Friday, many people flocked to the area to have some fun.

While the drive up doesn't appear like much of a Winter Wonderland, once you hit about 6,000 feet you'll see snow. And up at the Mount Baldy ski lifts - there's enough snow to make a ride to the top worth the drive.

"Oh, I loved it. It was like 12 minutes up, but it felt like 20. I could have stopped up there. I loved it," Teresa Dejongh said.

It's also been great for the people running the ski lifts, too. On Friday, the lifts were open for scenic rides and by Saturday, they should be open for skiing and snowboarding.

So how excited are people in Mount Baldy for the snow? They said it's been quite some time since they've had this much this early in the season.

"Last year was bad, really bad. We didn't get any snow," Darlene Miller said.

Miller works at the sled shop in Mount Baldy Village. While the storm didn't bring as much snow as she would have liked, she said it's a good omen for the winter season.

"It' brings up a lot of people. They were coming up yesterday," she said.