Woman narrowly escapes after wind topples massive tree on her car in West Los Angeles

WEST LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A woman narrowly escaped uninjured after fierce winds toppled a massive tree and smashed her car in West Los Angeles.

Julie Nani was left shaken after the downed tree wrecked her car.

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Fierce winds snapped tress all over the Southland, and a massive one caused a close call for a mother and son in Cypress Park Thursday night.

"I heard a big, loud crack and I didn't know what was happening," said Nani. "Before I could get out of there, the whole tree came down and landed on my car, and the front windshield is completely cracked, smashed up, and it stopped by whole vehicle."

Nani said after the tree fell, she heard an explosion nearby from a powerline that also fell.

Not too far away on Ohio Avenue near the VA Hospital, another tree toppled over, creating a very dangerous situation. Hours after the tree came down, firefighters were investigating the risk of possible live wires. The fire department was working with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to make sure that risk was properly taken care of.

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That tree, which ended up across Ohio Avenue, hit a parked car as its huge roots ripped up from the ground.

There was also a close call in Cypress Park, where a tree snapped from its roots and fell on a family's car while a mother and her son were still inside the vehicle. The two were bruised up, but they'll be OK.

Gusty winds brought down another large tree in Beverly Hills, landing on a home a block away from the Beverly Hills Hotel. In Hollywood, another tree toppled over and landed on a BMW on Sunset Boulevard. No one was injured.

A wind advisory was expected to be in effect across most of the Southland until at least noon on Friday.
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