'Monumental for us': Newly married couple spontaneously join LA protests after wedding

A new married couple hopped into a rented Rolls Royce to take pictures, but spontaneously end up celebrating and creating a memorable moment with Los Angeles protesters.
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- You always remember your wedding, but what makes this one unforgettable is what happened next.

Samuel Mekonnen and Lara Sanders tied the knot two years after meeting in an IKEA store.

"It was like a fairy tale. He was like helping me carry the stuff and then he asked me if he can maybe to put it together and then he moved in after 10 days," Sanders said.

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Video shows Kerry-Anne and Michael Gordon, wearing their full wedding attire, joining protesters at Philadelphia's City Hall after their ceremony.

Just as spontaneous is what the couple did the day after saying "I do" in front of 500 guests at their Zoom wedding. They got into their rented Rolls Royce to take wedding pictures.

"We're driving through a city that's protesting, curfews going on, cops everywhere, roads are closed. It was like the car was like a light beam driving through this chaos," said Mekonnen.

"We suddenly turned into the protest and then we said, 'oh my god.' And then Sam said, 'baby, do you want to change the world, let's do it now,'" said Sanders.

"So I grab her hands and her hands, they are shaking," said Mekonnen.

Ten minutes before curfew in West Los Angeles, they walked into the street. Sanders admitted at first, she was scared about what might happen. They have a 13-year-old son at home.

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During Saturday's historic Black Lives Matter march, which shut down the Golden Gate Bridge for a time, there was a surprise engagement... and example of learning.

"The chanting was like, and then 'Black Lives Matter.' I proudly I put up my fist and just to go through that historical time that we're living in, all the injustices happening in America," said Mekonnen.

"This is the moment like in peace and no violence to show up and say, 'yeah, hey we're all similar right,'" said Sanders.

Sanders is a 51-year-old international film producer. Mekonnen is a 30-year-old owner of Talent Consult L.A. The video of the couple - as demonstrators cheer and offer congratulations - has gone viral.

Sanders says in that moment their statement was, "There is no limit for love."

"We've been blessed to be able to do this, it was incredible, monumental for us," said Sanders.
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