West Hollywood approves number of cannabis cafes

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- When it comes to the use of weed in West Hollywood, there are some big changes coming: The city has approved a number of cannabis cafes and consumption lounges.

"DJs, rooftop lounges, where you can take in the view of West Hollywood but also restaurants where you can order virgin food and then you can have CBD or THC sauce infused on the top of it," shared West Hollywood Community Affair Manager John Leonard.

Leonard said they've approved 40 cannabis licenses, and 16 of those will allow on-site consumption of weed. In other words, you can stick around the store and get blazed.

"We'll see it all integrate together. You'll have a cannabis lounge next to a bar, next to a hotel, next to a high-class restaurant... You can be between all of them and enjoy your time in West Hollywood," Leonard added.

But not everyone who lives in the area is ready for such a big culture change. It'll likely increase tourism, as West Hollywood will be the first city in the country to allow weed lounges and restaurants.

"It's not about the person having cannabis on the site, it's after, when he leaves that site and then what happens?" asked resident, Das.

Others are onboard for the big increase in business. The newly approved licenses include stores, restaurants, delivery businesses, medical dispensaries and, of course, smoking lounges.

"Let them sit in a restricted area that they only can hang out with each other than with someone that is a nonsmoker," expressed West Hollywood resident Amir Sabri. "So I think it would be nice."

The majority of the businesses who plan to open restaurants or cafes plan to do so on Sunset and Santa Monica boulevards.
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