Westlake district: Carjacking suspect hits pedestrian before crashing into officer

WESTLAKE DISTRICT, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A school police officer and a suspect were injured in the Westlake district area of Los Angeles on Friday after the suspect was allegedly involved in multiple collisions, a carjacking and an officer-involved shooting.

Startling video captured the suspect in a tan colored truck pulling a U-turn and plowing into a person crossing the street in the Westlake district. She then slammed into an SUV driven by Yuridia Mendoza.

"I was really scared because when I saw her, she hit a guy, she didn't stop and came right in front of my car," Mendoza said.

The female suspect kept going on her rampage.

"On Alvarado, between Beverly and 3rd, she began ramming a parked car that was there," Detective Meghan Aguilar said.

Investigators allege the suspect then hit the school police officer who had stopped and was out of his vehicle. Police say the suspect was shot.

Cellphone video shows the moments right after the suspect was wounded.

An eyewitness who wanted to be identified only as "Jay" said he heard a crash, came around the corner and saw an officer with his weapon drawn. He also saw the suspect on the ground as the officer gave a command to drop the weapon and then he heard three to four shots fired, the witness said. Other officers arrived to the scene and the officer involved in the incident suddenly collapsed, "Jay" added.

Police said the Los Angeles Unified School District sergeant, a 27-year veteran, was investigating a traffic collision when the officer-involved shooting took place.
The officer was transported to the hospital with a broken leg.

"The sergeant was transported to a local hospital after being struck by the car. Our sergeant is doing well, he's talking, he's with his family," said Chief Steven Zipperman.

Police say the suspect suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds and was transported to the hospital.

Police allege the truck the suspect was in was carjacked, and the woman crashed into a white minivan at another location.

The suspect's rampage left multiple victims. Mendoza said she is suffering back pain.

Police say the pedestrian miraculously escaped major injury.

The suspect could be facing a number of charges, including carjacking and attempted murder, authorities said.
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