Dining in a shipping container? Pico Rivera launches new pilot program

City officials say the parklet will help local dining establishments provide outdoor dining and generate business traffic during the pandemic.

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Friday, November 13, 2020
Would you try outdoor dining in a shipping container?
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The City of Pico Rivera launched a parklet pilot program to provide more outdoor dining space by using a repurposed shipping container.

PICO RIVERA, Calif. (KABC) -- The City of Pico Rivera took a creative approach when designing a new parklet in the community. Officials used a repurposed shipping container to transform the previous parking space into an outdoor dining area.

"Parklets invite people to support local businesses and residents by offering new and exciting public facilities," said Steve Carmona, the Pico Rivera city manager.

The container was painted with bright colors and images paying homage to the city's history.

It's located on Durfee Avenue in front of Brewjeria Company, a family owned pub, which will be in charge of maintaining the parklet.

"We've really struggled these last seven months, basically being close to the public only offering to go. So to have this additional feature that will allow us to have more seating ... really kind of giving us hope that we can kind of make it through this COVID," said Agustin Ruelas, co-founder and president of Brewjeria Company.

The parklet is also available for the general public to use when Brewjeria is open. City officials said by providing outdoor space with the shipping container, it also creates a structural barrier between cars and the folks inside the parklet.

"We're super excited to be able to share this with our guests and our customers that are coming through this week. And get to see something new and something awesome," said Ruelas.

The program will run until mid-February. The city will then evaluate the parklet's impact to the area and will decided if they want to expand the program to other local business by adding more repurposed shipping containers.

"This may not be the first to hopefully support local businesses and our residents and promote economic activity," said Carmona.

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