Pat Sajak, Vanna White and the whole crew at 'Wheel of Fortune' celebrate big milestone: their 7,000th episode!

CULVER CITY (KABC) -- Pat Sajak, Vanna White and the whole crew at "Wheel of Fortune" celebrate a big milestone this week: their 7,000th episode! Believe it or not, after all these years, it hasn't gotten old!

"Seven thousand is a lot of shows, and they are similar in that we play the same game and we have the same wheel and the alphabet doesn't change, but it's the dynamic of three new people every time," said Sajak. "And they're genuinely nice folks. It's been a great experience on that level alone."

"The basic show has not changed since 1975," said executive producer Harry Friedman. "Spin the wheel, call letters, solve the puzzle, win cash and prizes but our viewers like other twists and turns and challenges... so we just try to keep it interesting."

"There's lots of great memories throughout the years, too many to mention...," said White. "Every day you never know what to expect. There's always something good, and happy, going on around here!"

The game itself, and the contestants are one thing. But early on, Vanna learned that "Wheel Watchers" also enjoyed seeing her in her glamorous gowns.

"I have worn over 7,000 gowns, never the same one twice!" said White. "I think people find it interesting to see what I'm going to come out in, every day is going to be different!"

"I, on the other hand, have a blue suit, black suit, gray suit, and brown suit," laughed Sajak.

Along with celebrating 7000, Sajak was honored this week by the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest career as a game show host for the same show.

"Wheel of Fortune", episode 7000, aired Friday.
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