Wild burro roaming IE canyon with arrow through ear

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Thursday, July 19, 2018
Wild burro roaming IE canyon with arrow through ear
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Animal officers have been trying to catch and treat a wild burro roaming Reche Canyon with an arrow in its ear.

RECHE CANYON, Calif. (KABC) -- A wild burro was seen roaming Reche Canyon with an arrow dangling from its ear after someone apparently shot the animal.

Animal service officers attempted to tranquilize the animal and struck it with two darts, but it continued running and they were not able to take it in for medical care.

It has been a challenge for officers looking to help the wounded animal.

In the Inland Empire's Reche Canyon hundreds of burros wander the hills, so finding the right one is difficult.

The wounded burro was indeed spotted Wednesday. An animal services officer got close enough to take a picture indicating the arrow is gone, but a wound remains.

Video also shows a wrangler chasing after the burro, but the spooked animal runs away too quickly.

The chase was called off amid the high heat and humidity because they didn't want the animal to overexert itself.

Volunteers with the animal rescue Donkeyland are also helping.

That's the organization that recently got a large donation from former game show host Bob Barker. They plan to purchase land to be used for a sanctuary for the wild donkeys, to protect them from, among other things, the traffic.

Animal control officers plan to return Thursday to resume their search for the burro.

No suspect information is available, but if caught the person would face felony animal cruelty charges.