Woman cave? Why not?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Woman reading a book

When you imagine taking a few quiet moments, where do you picture yourself? Curled up in plush recliner with your favorite cat? Catching up on your favorite book or watching the latest episode of "Scandal"? Maybe you have a glass of chardonnay or an icy hazelnut latte in your hands on a warm summer evening.

Wherever your special place is, and whether or not you call it a woman cave, it needs to be yours.

Here are five tips to get your started.

First, of course, choose your room. Don't have a spare bedroom, den or other room you can transform into a hideaway? Pick an area inside another room and make it yours. This might make it a little more challenging, but it's doable.

Second, think about what would make you happy. Are you an insatiable reader? Tied to your computer, tablet or phone? Do you want a place to share with friends, or a place just to relax and watch your shows?

Third, set the mood. If you're lucky enough to be able to paint your room, make the paint fit your temperament and the way the room will be used. Reds can stimulate energy levels and conversation. Yellow is a great way to make a room feel more open and airy. If you're trying to create a calm and soothing room, try the lighter blues. Whether you're after a rich, sophisticated atmosphere or a soft, warm, and cozy setting, color plays a huge role.

Fourth, pick your furniture. Start with something you love. A recliner or maybe a sofa big enough for the girls to gather -- also a perfect way to add boundaries to your space. How about an area rug to magically transform your dimensions? Long, horizontal rugs can make a room feel more expansive and spacious, while a square rug can make a room feel more personal. Build around it.

If you don't already have that special something, go to a furniture store that has all shapes and sizes of furniture and accents, like Mathis Brothers, where you can pick through thousands of choices until you find the one that's exactly what you're looking for. Put it in your budding sanctuary and then fill in the blanks. Recliners are always a great choice. If you haven't seen the new generation from Lane, Ashley, Bernhardt, and others, you may not know how stylish recliners can be and still be extremely comfortable.

Fifth, the personal touch. Pictures, lamps and accent tables all add that final personal touch to any room. A chair-side table that gives you a handy drawer for remotes, magazines, or secret snacks. Check out websites like Pinterest and mathisbrothers.com for decorating ideas. Little touches go a long way, such as adding portable speakers that connect to your tablet or phone, to surround yourself with sound.

Whatever your space and budget, you can make a place where the world outside stops -- for a few moments or hours - and lets you be the woman you want to be. Your own Girl Cave.