Women go unpaid for extra hours of labor outside office compared to men: Report

A new report shows while women take on their professional responsibilities, unpaid domestic care usually falls in their hands too, which can tack on extra hours of unpaid work compared to men.

The research was published in a report by Oxfam, an international organization focused on fighting poverty.

The report shows that women spend 37% more time on unpaid task in their day-to-day routine. These tasks are commonly domestic responsibilities, such as cleaning, cooking and other unpaid tasks out of a work environment. The report states these additional task can add two more hours of labor to their day compared to their male counter parts.

Theses extra tasks can add up to 95 additional eight-hour work days in a year. In the United States, women are estimated to contribute up to $1.48 trillion on unpaid care and domestic work according to this research.
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