Woolsey Fire: Malibu residents say they were left to fend for themselves

MALIBU, Calif. (KABC) -- Some Malibu residents said it was a "you're on your own" situation when the Woolsey Fire threatened their homes.

"I'm here with basically it's a team of five guys who live on this street, who didn't bail, who stayed, because there was no fire presence at the time," said Malibu resident Randy Holland. "Some people are calling it the YOYO fire - 'you're on your own' fire."

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Holland said he and others saved their homes by taking matters into their own hands. The residents bought dust masks, goggles and hoses and actively protected their homes.

"All of us got together with shovels and hoses and put it out. I kind of try to contribute by being the clean-up crew every day," said Malibu resident Robby Mazza.

They patrolled the streets at night in pitch darkness to put out hot spots.

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