Mexican-born fitness trainer launches pop-up boot camps across SoCal for Spanish-speaking community

Mexican soap star Alessandra Rosaldo's sister Mariana Sanchez is a fitness instructor. She offers boot camp classes at various parks and recreation centers across SoCal each Sunday taught in Spanish or Spanglish to help keep the community fit.

Maria Abrador is from Mexico and loves this workout because it's in Spanish. Her daughter Kimberly discovered the program on social media.

"I went on Instagram. It was a trending thing. I bought her tickets for her birthday and she's been coming ever since," said Kimberly Abrador.

The workout is a pop-up boot camp of sorts held each Sunday by Sanchez, who has been a fitness coach for 20 years.

Sanchez gets requests to teach from Ventura to San Diego, but she picks a different park in the Valley each week so she can reach as many peopled in the community as possible.

"So for the first boot camp, seven people came. This is number 14, and we have over 40 people every weekend," said Sanchez.

The class is boot camp solid: Cardio, strength, flexibility, plus a bit of spirit and humor in the mix. Part of it's popularity comes from Sanchez's sister Alessandra Rosaldo, who is a Mexican soap star and singer who joins in weekly to help her sister succeed.

Those interested can find Im_Coaching on Instagram. Each Thursday the class location is announced. The workout is $20 which is paid through PayPal. For more information watch the story above.
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