New SoCal gym offers a place for tweens, teens and parents to work out

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
New SoCal gym offers a place for tweens, teens and parents to work out
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There are loads of great fitness boutiques for adult workouts, but nothing seems to be offered for tweens and teens.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Leonard Chung and partner Craig Juda love sports, but found their kids don't share the passion.

"It started personally for both of us. My two sons are not sports nuts. Kind of outgrew team sports." said Chung.

They realized there were plenty of workouts for adults in Los Angeles, but nothing for kids. So they created WOLA, workout L.A. for tweens, teens and parents.

"Tween group is six through 12 and the adult group is 13 and above. We do a Tabata workout high intensity training. Each station has three exercises for 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off," said co-founder Juda.

Classes are taught by hip-yet-certified trainers that know how to work these age groups.

"We obviously spoke to a lot of physicians," said Chung.

"Larchmont Pediatrics, Brentwood Pediatrics, Beverly Hills Pediatrics and we're working with Dr. Skaggs, the head of pediatric surgery of Children's Hospital Los Angeles," said Juda.

"We got the blessing that it's safe for children to be doing this type of exercise. It's just body weight resistance training for the most part," said Chung.

With technology trending, they wanted to get kids to unplug. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids 8-10 spend eight hours a day on some sort of screen, teens 11 hours, so a workout like this is clearly needed.

Parent John Rankin thinks so. "One: Maybe you don't have childcare. Two: Maybe you're trying to expand your child's fitness," said Rankin.

He also loves that he can work out with his daughter, Lyric. "I really like the coaches because they help you individually," said Lyric Carlberg.

The typical drop-in rate for workout studios is around $25 a class. WOLA hits the sweet spot for those who can't pony up such fees, offering 100 passes a month at $75 for unlimited use.

"We have a mother-daughter team who's been here 20 times in 30 days and we are so proud of them," said Juda.