Wrong person arrested in Hollywood Walk of Fame knife attack, police say

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles police confirmed Monday that a person arrested in a knife attack that left a bloody scene on the Hollywood Walk of Fame over the weekend was not the man who committed the crime, and the suspect is still being sought.

Graphic video showed a trail of blood covering several stars on the popular Walk of Fame after a tour service employee was stabbed Saturday morning.

A co-worker of the victim said the employee told a homeless man in a wheelchair to leave for apparently smoking weed in front of a kiosk on Hollywood Boulevard. That led to an exchange, and the homeless man lunged from his wheelchair with a knife and stabbed the employee in the arm.

The unidentified victim was transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition. After undergoing surgery, the employee was listed in stable condition.

A person believed to be the suspect was booked for attempted murder that day, and police said he was released from jail Monday due to insufficient evidence. LAPD officials later confirmed that their investigation revealed he was not their suspect.

Residents who live near the area said they generally feel safe, but they are concerned about the homeless population.

James Gregory, who lives nearby, said he's now thinking about what to do when he's approached by someone who looks like a threat.

After the incident, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said it's time for government agencies to provide even more services for the homeless.

"It is time for our state and county and others to step up and provide the mental health care that we need," he said. "In the meantime, we're adding more officers all the time to the streets, but it is bad out there."

With summer coming, some of the business owners are hoping this doesn't keep tourists away.

"Hollywood Boulevard is a fantastic place and a wonderful place, and it's been that way for 70 years, and I know we can restore it to the way it once was," said business owner Jason Urbisci.

Authorities from the LAPD said they are still looking for the person responsible for the stabbing. An investigation is ongoing.
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