Yoga reaches new heights with Hollywood rooftop workouts

Thursday, September 22, 2016
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Aerial views of the Hollywood sign and all of Los Angeles help make for a breathtaking rooftop yoga workout on top of the Loews Hollywood Hotel.

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- Exhale Mind Body Manager Chelsea Cruse sets the stage for the yoga happening on top of the Loews Hollywood Hotel.

"You have a 360-degree view of the city, you're right by the Hollywood sign, you're 20 floors up above the Hollywood hotel," said Cruse.

Where you're not only doing yoga on the roof, you're striking a pose on a real helipad.

"Even on the days that the clouds have dropped it's still really beautiful," said Cruse.

That's a key reason they hold workouts there.

"The first two Saturdays of every month we're doing a yoga and cardio series here," she said.

"I love the view, I love the class, the teachers are amazing. They really pay attention to your form," said Elana Doron of Los Angeles.

A very pregnant Doron has been a client for three years, while hotel guest Betsy Arias was pleasantly surprised at the offering.

"I went to the spa and voila and I'm on the roof top," exclaimed Arias.

This type of yoga is called Core Fusion - where you'll get a stepped-up version than that of traditional yoga.

"You're going to see a little more power through your flow, a little more activation of your core, glutes," said Cruse.

The view may be priceless but this class won't cost you a pretty penny. Hotel guests pay $15 and locals just $25.

Twenty-five dollars is the standard dropin rate for most boutique exercise workouts although this format certainly provides a bird's-eye view of L.A. and Hollywood's ambiance, with a unique opportunity to wake up your gym routine.

"Oh my gosh it's beautiful, it's priceless," said Arias.

Loews isn't alone in offering rooftop yoga. You'll find a handful of locations throughout the city for an elevated experience.