Youth organization donates handmade masks to Inglewood inmates

The UCLA chapter of ASEZ, a youth nonprofit organization, donated about 250 handmade cloth masks to the Inglewood inmates and police department.
INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- A youth nonprofit organization wanted to help their community during COVID-19, so they came up with the idea to make and donate masks to inmates in Inglewood.

The local group made up of university students is part of the larger international organization called ASEZ from the Church of God.

Jasper Min is the UCLA club president of ASEZ and he said the group wanted to make sure everyone could feel safe.

"We wanted to be able to provide that kind of support, so that they too can be able to be safe from the coronavirus," Min said. "And not only they themselves, but also the people that work at those areas."

ASEZ delivered about 250 handmade cloth masks to the Inglewood Police Department.

Lieutenant Scott Collins of Inglewood PD said their jail could hold anywhere from one to about 30 people at any given time and the department appreciates the organization for trying to help keep the inmates safe.

"We want them to be healthy and safe as best we can and practice all the protocols that are in place for everyone," Collins said. "And that goes for them that goes for when they're here in our custody and also when they need to return back out to the public and to their families."

Former Inglewood resident Joshua Young volunteered on the project and said he wanted to donate to a group that might not be at the forefront of people's minds.

"Inmates really are out of sight for the general public, so often times they get swept under the rug," Young said. "So, this time, it was really good that the Inglewood Police Department expressed their concern not only for the officers, but also for their inmates."

Min said he believes the youth has a power to enact change and that's what his organization is about.

"As a result of the youth rising up, there's also a lot of change that's going on throughout the whole world," Min said. "I think this is where the youth is really important and this is really where we like to step up."

Collins said the department has received upwards of about 5,000 masks not including the face shields they've received but are always willing to accept more donations. To donate to the Inglewood PD, you can contact their watch commander.

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