Georgia 7-year-old shows off impressive basketball skills on a treadmill!

A Georgia 7-year-old is showing off some serious basketball skills - on a treadmill.

Zeke Vozniak, a sports-obsessed boy from Georgia, is always looking for new ways to demonstrate his basketball skills. So when he saw a treadmill in his great-grandmother's garage, an idea sprang to mind.

In footage shared by his mother, Jaclyn Vozniak, Zeke dribbles two basketballs while walking backwards on the treadmill, ably dribbling through his legs while also executing 360-degree turns.

Jaclyn explained: "When he walked into his great-grandmother's garage he noticed a treadmill. He was ecstatic since he hasn't had any treadmill access since the coronavirus started and he missed dribbling on it. Unfortunately, he didn't have any basketballs."

So Zeke's dad went to Walmart and purchased two basketballs, Vosniak added.

After filming the video, both basketballs were left at his 93-year-old grandmother's home, where he can use them in the future for more unorthodox basketball drills.
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