Brothers pull 'zombie apocalypse' prank on sister after wisdom teeth surgery staff via KABC logo
Wednesday, April 13, 2016
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A video about siblings went viral shortly after National Siblings Day. In the video posted to YouTube on Monday, Millicent is getting her wisdom teeth removed.

Like several viral videos before this one, her family decided to record her following the surgery while she was coming off her medications.

But this time, Millicent's brothers took the trend to a whole new, and hysterical, level.

On the drive home, while she was in her medicated state, the brothers convinced Millicent that their town was under attack from zombies, complete with an emergency announcement and a frantic call to mom.

At one point, the brothers make Millicent choose between taking the family dog or cat with them, stating there was only enough room for one. Millicent chooses the cat.

After a brief drive, the brothers explained to Millicent that there was no zombie apocalypse, apologized to her and told their sister they loved her.