California Highway Patrol officer tickets driver for going too slow in fast lane

Thursday, August 23, 2018
CHICO, Calif. -- A California Highway Patrol officer is receiving a lot of "likes" on Facebook after giving a driver a ticket for going too slow in the fast lane and clogging up traffic.

The CHP Chico Office posted a photo on the department's Facebook page. It shows the citation issued to the driver for going 45 miles an hour and impeding traffic.

Twenty cars were backed up behind the driver in the fast lane of Skyway in Chico, according to the CHP.

"Just a friendly reminder for those who may not be aware of California Vehicle Code Section 21654," the post said. "If vehicles are passing you on the right, you are in the incorrect lane. Please use the right lane for driving and the left lane for passing."

The CHP said moving over and allowing vehicles to pass will help limit unnecessary congestion and reduce the potential for an accident.
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